Tom Flin

Cauvery Ponnana, Class 4, KALS, Kodagu

Tom Flin a brave & kind-hearted boy lived in the village of Subsini along with his mother, Tinkle Min and father, Flin Tinx. They were a happy family. Tom’s father had been kidnapped and the kidnappers had contacted Tinkle for a large sum of money which the family could not put together. Tom was extremely sad and felt helpless.

One day, on his way home after school he suddenly saw a strange man walking towards him. Tom felt uneasy and quickly hid up a tree. Luckily the man didn’t notice him and instead walked towards the thicket took something out of his pocket hid it underneath the bushes and went away. Tom slid down the tree and checked under the bushes. He found a mobile phone hidden under the dried leaves. The mobile phone looked familiar, he thought it was his mother’s and took it home to her. She looked at it and cried joyfully! Tom was puzzled and asked her why she was crying. She said, “My dear Tom, you have found your father’s phone!” Tears welled up in Tom’s eyes. He imagined he would never see his father again and this meant his father was alive and close by!

The next day, Tom decided to search for his father in the same place he found the phone. He asked his friend, Osun Milne to go along with him. They went to the edge of the jungle armed with a rake and a stick in case anybody decided to harm them.

While they were searching for Flin in the thicket, Tom saw the same strange man who hid the phone. The man was talking to another strange looking man about Flin. Tom signalled Osun to stop searching and be silent so they could listen to what the men were talking. He said, “Since we aren’t receiving any money from Flin’s family let’s push Flin further into the dark cave and let him starve to death without food and water”. Both men then agreed to come back the next day and finish what they decided to do. The friends listened to them intently and after the two men left, ran home to Tinkle and told her everything that happened. Tinkle asked Tom & Osun to go to bed and she would talk to the police next morning for help.

Tom knew it would be too late, so he sneaked out when Tinkle was fast asleep. He feared the dark but was determined to find his father before the men came. He finally found the cave which was at the edge of the forest. With the help of a tiny torchlight, he found his father who was lying down on the hard floor looking cold, hungry, and miserable. He hugged his father tightly and helped him up to his feet. As the warm sun rose, they reached home and woke Tinkle up. She was overjoyed to see her husband and Tom safe. They were now a happy family again.


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