Under The Blues

Eshmeher Kaur, Class 8, Jamnabai Narsee International School

The day we learnt to snorkel was an entertaining one. We started in the pool. At first, I was worried that my father would be the first one to drown (even if it was just four feet). It was safe to say his swimming needed some work (by work, I mean he needed to learn to swim). Then, the instructor suggested we practice with the snorkeling gear in the pool.

Looking at the serene blue waters we would jump inside, I felt a sense of achievement. We wore the large black swimming goggles that were attached to a tube so that we could breathe underwater. We wore some swimming fins (they looked like duck feet made into clown shoes but in black) that allowed us to move underwater (more like waddle).

I put them on. Suddenly, I could see nothing. It was black, and there was a faint smell of fresh paint. My eyelashes made a whisper as they touched the black surface every time I blinked.
Then, footsteps clapped as loud as thunder. The ground shifted beneath me, ready to pounce, and adrenalin shot through my entwined nerves. I was startled; my body shook in fear. Suddenly, palms wrapped around my head slowly, changing my sight from dark to light. It was just my mom!

The sun had never been brighter. It felt like a thousand torches flashed at once. I squinted as my eyes slowly began to adjust to the blinding light. My mom placed them on my head again; this time, I could see everything with a layer of thin yet fogged glass.
“You are incredibly absent-minded. You wore the glasses backwards!” Mom said, disappointed.

After learning the basics of snorkeling, we went to the sea. I was anxious yet enthusiastic. Could the wonders of the sea be worth the risk?

The sea was a lavish jade with hints of azure and teal. The odour of tropical palm trees filled the air with a spirit of adventure. The atmosphere fostered my hunger to explore a whole new world underneath water. As the waves crashed onto the shore, I began to feel one with the vast waters.

The blue water leapt at me as I went crashing in. I could feel a tickle climb up my arms. Then, a flurry of bubbles blocked my vision.

The water splashed my face and swam freely down. We went into the turquoise waters. I started to swim in the opposing direction to the current. The sea pushed me back and forth against the current.

I saw an abundance of corals and fishes. All of them were unique in their way. Every steer brought a wave of awe! From sea horses to corals that resembled brains, there were organisms of all shapes and sizes.

I looked around and saw fish dancing and dodging with me. Then, I came down with a feeling of dread. I searched up and down, round and round!

I tried to move backwards now in the same direction as the current. My parents seemed to have disappeared!
I swam searching hither and tither. I scanned every nook and corner; I left no stone unturned. All my efforts were in vain; there was no sign of anyone.

In some place that looked afar, I could see a glimpse of black and blue fine larger than the fish appeared. I swerved past the corals and swam between schools of fish to get closer to the splashing fins. There they were! Through the murky water, I could see figures that resembled my parents. I swam as fast as I could. The feeling of dread began to vanish as I stood by my parents again.

While swimming around in the shallow parts, some fish started to nibble on my hands. Ouch! As I laughed, I swallowed some water.

I was in revolt and disgust. What could taste worse? Sandy dust? I rose to the surface and spat the salty water out. At that moment, I realised how tired I felt. I was as it as a lifeless tree, so I went to take a refreshing shower. It took off the tickle and threw off the dirt.

I was content with my snorkelling experience; it was an amusing yet thrilling roller coaster.

May, 2024

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