March 26, 2023

Up the Mountains of India by Mala Kumar 

Published By: Hachette Books | Recommended Age: 7+ years

Written By: Mala Kumar

Did you know that the formation of mountains is called orogeny? Or that people who are obsessed with mountains are called orophiles? And that 10 of the 14 mountains that are over 8,000mts tall are part of the Himalayan Range? Or that the Aravallis were created 3.2 billion years ago and that the Satpura Range is only 60 million years young! This book is a dedication to the Himalayas, the Trans-Himalayas, the Aravallis, the Vindhyas, the Satpuras, the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. It tells you all about the formation of these mountains, their ecosystem and their topography, making it a fabulous read for both adults and children.

Published By: Hachette Books|
Recommended Age: 7+ years
Price: ₹499
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