Vedant’s Pandora’s Box of Emotions

Vedant Kumar, Class 10, St. Columbas School

1) The Mask: A Poem on Façades

He swayed in the wind,
Moving Swiftly,
Speaking elegantly,
Shining with potential,
Contaminated his mind was,
Constrained his hands were,
Desire can kill,
When uncontrolled,
The perfect person,
Destined to be great,
A king,
In his own world,
No one aware of his quiet rage,
The voices in his head,
Whispering to him,
Life is cruel to the greats,
Always with a mask on his face.

2) Civil War: A poem on Internal Struggles of a Child

There’s a civil war in progress,
What will he choose?
The person who was there with him
Since the start, and before?
The person away,
Slaving under some tyrant?Why bequeath this decision,
Upon such an innocent soul,
Why burden the child,
To choose?

3) Mediocrity Thrives: A poem on the Struggles of Prodigies, and the current state of society

Mediocrity thrives,
True talent dies
If thee posses’ talent,
Expect ignorance, betrayal,
Countless last-minute excuses,
Two-faced rats.
Beware, don’t be fooled,
Or charmed by name, fame
Fake it till you make it, they say
Saddening truth it is.
Reliance on others,
A Recipe for disaster.
Hidden gems,
Hidden they shall be,
From birth, till the end
Finest of gems,
Made under the highest pressure,
Pressure from the surrounding,
Resulting in being Ignored,
Replaced by cheaper, faker…

4) My dream for a better world

‘Tis a world of black we live in,
Black world with red stains,
Shaking with screams, and broken dreams,
Gems with broken halves, lowered guards,
Exploited without any regards.
‘Tis a world I dream, where everyone’s a stringless kite,
World of light, gleaming white,
With me, a knight of white,
Roaming through the world with great delight,
Lands of green, skies blue pristine,
2 peas traversing through lands of mystique.
‘Tis a world, where men can cry,
‘Tis a world, where women can fly,
‘Tis a world, where both can fly, cry,
‘Tis a world where everyone’s a canvas uncritiqued.
‘Tis a world where poverty struck all, and none at all,
‘Tis a world where no one is seen, and everyone is seen.

5) Que Sera, Sera: Poem on going with the flow of life

Perhaps everything happens for the best,
Perhaps not,
How would you know?
Just go with the flow,
Like a river,
Moving swiftly,
No matter the tough rocks,
Blocking its way,
Or the dams, constant annoyance they are,
All they manage to do is halt,
Halt the flow,
Never managing to stop it,
Finally reaching its first Crossroads,
Forced to make a choice,
A choice, meaningless in the end,
Never stopping even then,
Just breaking up into multiple streams,
All, following their destined path,
Never stopping,
Just getting absorbed by nature,
In a whole lot of ways,
Absorbed, and then released,
Repeating the whole wretched cycle,
Once again, never ending it is…

6) The New Normal: Poem on Life after Lockdown

The Golden Era rises again,
Gone are the day of tiresome resting,
The world of learning, and reading, awaits you,
So, Welcome back to the Old Routine,
Seems so new, for how long it’s been,
A night with a never-ending dream,
Ending with your awakening by a light beam,
A way of learning, as it once was,
Rises back after a long halt.
Though, we can’t get what we’ve outgrown,
On the remnants of old crops, are new seeds sown…

7) Love is thy enemy: A poem on the Highs, and Lows when being in Love

Love is thy enemy,
An uninvited guest,
It makes you weak,
Fragile, and emotional,
It makes you happy,
It gives life to your dark soul,
It gives you hope,
It, it gives you someone,
Someone you care about,
Someone whom you love,
Someone, who may not reciprocate,
Someone, whom you’ll lose eventually,
Someone, who makes you happy,
Breaks your mask of tough,
Breaks your character,
Making you smile at random,
Everything reminding you of her,
Her memories, her face,
That smile,
That expression on her face,
Love songs suddenly become so appealing,
Listening on repeat,
Romantic movies so relatable,
Daydreaming so prominent,
Tears, so common,
Of joy, and sorrow,
Love is thy enemy,
Leaving you crying at the end…

8) Peas of the same Pod: A Poem on Gender Equality

Fire without ice,
Happiness without sadness,
Peas of the same pod,
Some sweet, some sparkly
No solution fits all
Like a cypher, with a different key,
Men, and women
Just people at the end of the day,
People, who define our present
People, who’ll define, our future…

9) Importance of Yoga

The artform of the past,
‘Tis here to last.
Develop flexibility great desired,
Like an Octopus, bending, and all-fired.
Build your balance, spiritual, and physical,
Like a human superphysical.
Make your heart twinkle,
Like a shirt unwrinkled.
Sleep like a king,
With angels above bearing bowstrings.
Enjoy a brighter mood,
Not a site of feud, rude, or shrewd
Shoo away the stress,
Live your life blessed,
Fully-focused on self-care,
Maintaining your welfare.

10) A tribute to Edmund Ignatius Rice

He laid down the framework, an access to academe,
Brick by brick, he fulfilled his dream,
He built the steps to success,
He built the steps for success.
He nurtured the young saplings,
Giving them the ingredients to achieve success,
He satiated their hunger for knowledge, giving them lessons to repeat,
He provided them a raincoat of love, a ray of sunshine guiding the young minds.
No matter the seed, no matter the speed,
No matter the heat, no matter the mis-deads,
No matter the dusk, a ray of sunshine guiding the young minds,
Always guiding them through life’s shutter blinds.
Guided students guiding new lives,
Guided students with values, not moral archives,
Guided students with compassion, and mind of kinds,
Their impact is everywhere, not a place confined.

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