We Evolved from Monkeys

Noa, Homeschool, Age 5 years

We are the monkeys and we groom each other.
We sit on the edge and never in the middle.
We jump from tree to tree and we sleep on the trees.
We poo so much. Hoo hoo haa haa! Doo-da-doo.
Our babies are so cute! They are called infants.
We eat bananas and mangoes. Bananas and mangoes.
What is your favorite fruit?
What is your favorite fruit guys?
Mangoes and bananas? Oh yeah!
Monkeys eat that too.
We have evolved from monkeys.
We also eat bananas and mangoes because we have evolved from monkeys.
We can hold baby monkeys.
They cling to their mothers and never leave them alone.
They drink so much milk and they never stop!
They just sleep in the night and morning.
They sleep and drink milk like this chup-chup-chup!
They close their eyes and sleep and still drinking chup-chup-chup! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!
The end. Ha! Ha!
This we say every day, we have evolved from monkeys.


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