March 24, 2023

When I Was…

Vansh Kothari, Class 5, Podar International School, Akola

When I was…
When I was One,
I didn’t eat bun!
When I was Two,
I didn’t know how to wear a shoe!
When I was three,
I admired plants and trees!
When I was Four,
I learnt more and more!
When I was Five,
I didn’t know how to use a knife!
When I was Six,
I loved my pet chicks!
When I was Seven,
I played with my friend Steven!
When I was Eight,
I knew how to open the lock of the gate!
When I was Nine,
I made beautiful designs!
And now when I am Ten,
These are my past years how I spent!
Now you see that many things I know!
But I am still learning to grow!!!


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