While Walking on the Road

Apeksha, Class 9, St Xavier’s High School, Rampura, Phul

While walking on the road,
I saw trees talking to me
I forget about my past and just went deep,
In the ocean of the present.
Just while walking on the road,
I met the strangers,
Listening to their various justifications.
I stopped at a place,
And get to know that for a long time,
I was just wandering to find myself.
While walking on the road,
I just met myself
Talking to the trees, strangers,
And just running from the world.
On the side of the road,
I saw a river,
Took a break, and just looked into the river,
I saw myself covered with problems,
Tress told their stories
The people told their stories,
But only I was the one
Just making my own stories.
I know it’s difficult to find ourselves,
But while walking I got a chance to meet myself.


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