100 Great Chronicles of Indian History by Gayathri Ponvannan 

Published By: Hachette Books | Recommended Age: 9+ years

Written By: Gayathri Ponvannan 

This book runs through 100 of the most important events in Indian history, right from the Palaeolithic Era to India’s Mars Mission. Along the way, it gives the reader a taste of life during the Vedic Age, how yoga came to be a part of the ethos of India and lessons to be learned from Chanakya, Ashoka, the poets of Tamilakam, ancient mariners, Razia Sultan, the superwomen of Vijayanagara and the kings of the north. It also gives you a quick download on the Indian independence struggle and India’s growth after independence. It’s a great book to read through to get a quick understanding of our country.

Published By: Hachette Books | www.hachetteindia.com
Recommended Age: 9+ years
Price: ₹499
Available on Amazon.in


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