Aayush Singh Rautela, Class 5, Podar International School IB, Mumbai

2020 Memories: When My School Ends

2020 Memories: When My School Ends

How does it feel
When my school ends
How does it feel It feels like yesterday
When my school admin team sent the login details
It seem like yesterday
When my teachers introduced themselves and
Made some clear rules
It seem like yesterday
When my friends used their chat boxes for fun
It seem like yesterday
But today when I see my academic year coming to an end
It seems to be an emotional rollercoaster journey
It seems like all my memories getting refreshed
I can’t wait for my new academic
Year to start I can’t wait to enter my school premises
The challenges we faced due to pandemic was taxing
But the distance learning which I heard and read was actually happening
And we all were hooked to online schooling
Slowly my school was putting things into places
The important events was taking fast pace
So friends online school was special to me
As I got to learn and appreciate many things
Most importantly I learned to show gratitude for all little things
I learnt to appreciate for all I achieved and
Also Learnt to work harder for things I want to achieve
I learnt to cherish the little things in life
And believed in taking small steps and
Slow down in this fast materialistic world
Competition is essential but what more essential is
The appreciation from our loved ones
So I would like to thank my Podar school and my principal Vandana ma’am
And my PYP teachers for all the efforts they have put
No matter how the situations was
There’s was never a dull moment
And you always welcome us all with open heart and a smile.


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