March 24, 2023

Sunandini Sen, Class 5, Delhi Public School, Newtown, Kolkata

A Writing Journey

A Writing Journey

I joined a writing workshop,
Where I learnt to join my dots,
And picked the art of writing,
To give wings to my thoughts.
I’ve been writing stories and poems,
And dreaming through my plots,
My imagination runs wild,
Ideas, I have lots!
But, to sew them all together
To make them a full story,
I had to learn from someone,
Who liked writing and the library.
Along came a teacher,
She took my hand and said,
“Come along with me”,
And we danced and played!
As the words wandered,
And syllables seemed to sway,
Homophones said, “Hop on”,
While limericks led the way!
The journey’s been splendid
Superb was our guide,
Amazing was the maze,
We zigzagged in our ride.
I made many a friend,
As creative as I am,
We spun and wove together,
And had quite a jam!
Thank you so much, teacher
For being our guiding beam,
For helping us to paint,
What we think and dream.


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