A Bear with His Guitar

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

On a usual Sunday morning
While I was strolling down a hill
There was something strange under the tree
A peculiar shadow I could see
I rubbed my eyes, my eyes still
The peculiar shadow turned in glee
And there was a handsome bear under the tree.
I could not believe my eyes
When the bear started to sing
The bear handed me his guitar
and told me to play rock
But to me everything was bizarre
I was in a serious shock
His voice was as soft as the evening breeze
He played the guitar like a proficient with ease
I slowly gulped my fright
And tried to hum with all my might
The valleys were filled with his appealing voice
The flowers were dancing in rejoice
The lonely clouds looked enthralled
And the beautiful robin seemed to enjoy his song.
The bear ended with a high-pitch note
And the valleys became again remote.
The bear’s voice brought laughter and joy
And soon the beautiful scene was destroyed.


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