An Unusual Treat

Smriti Baliga, Class 6, National Public School, Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru

In a remote village of Chandragiri, where the scent of pine trees lingered – there lived a boy whose name was Manu. Manu lived with his little sister Radha and his caring mother Lakshmi. Every day after school Manu and Radha would come back home and finish their homework and sit to enjoy the crimson and velvet shades of the dusk. After Lakshmi returned home, she and her children would have a simple but delicious meal.

One day Lakshmi decided to take her children out to enjoy a fair that had come up in the near by town as they had a holiday. Soon she realized that if all three of them left the house, her house would remain unguarded. As she was about to cancel her plan, Manu offered to stay back at home and take care of it so that his sister would not miss the fair. Lakshmi reluctantly agreed. Soon

Manu was left alone at home. As he did not have anything to do, he decided to give his mother and sister a surprise by frying peanuts with honey. As he began his task, the rich aroma of fried peanuts lingered off to the nearby forest. Captivated by this aroma, a bear came to the hut. When Manu realized a hungry and ferocious guest was waiting for him outside, he knew he had to think hastily. He invited the bear inside the house and offered to feed him the peanuts. He took a plate and placed some burning charcoal and served it to the bear. The bear was very impatient and gulped up the entire plate in one shot.

A second later, he found his mouth on fire and ran out of the hut never to return again. This sight was seen by his shocked mother and sister who had just returned from the fair. He then narrated the story to them over a treat of sweet peanuts. From that day, Manu became the cynosure of the village for his wit and presence of mind.


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