March 24, 2023

A Day in the Life of Rosa Sanders

Tanay Mohan, Class 8, Heritage International Xperiential School, Gurgaon

‘Brrng, brrng’ went the telephone as it rung. ‘Clung’ it went as the person who picked it up took the call. “Hello, who is this?” asked the person taking the call. “Rosa, Rosa, it’s me, Maxine, your friend from college” responded the person on the line. As Rosa tried to recall who Maxine was, on the other end came a huge scream, ‘aaahhhh’. “MAXINE, ARE YOU OKAY?!” Rosa panicked while asking. ‘Whoosh’ came a noise from the other end. “This is exactly why I called you, Rosa! I don’t have a lot of time. Some terrorists have kidnapped me and they want….”suddenly the line got cut off, ‘beep’ went the speaker.

“I need to find Maxine” thought Rosa so she went around her mansion, opened her laptop and attempted to track where the call came from as her laptop was connected to the phone. ‘Beep, beep’ went her laptop as it gave her a ping on the location. ‘London 314 Main Street’ was the location given “I’d better go there” thought Rosa to herself. “But before that I need a flight and weapons”. So, she hurriedly went around her rooms, flinging things into a suitcase.

Rosa had been a CIA operative for the past 10 years and never had she ever faced a personal problem like this. She hastily called her boss for help who offered to put her on a flight going to London. She accepted with so much happiness knowing that she would be closer to finding her friend and in a few hours, she boarded the flight. ‘Whoosh’ went the plane as it flew towards London. It then stopped at the airport where Rosa got off and into a taxi. ‘London 314 Main Street’ said Rosa to the driver. Rosa’s heart was racing because she was worried what condition Maxine would. ‘This is your destination’ said the driver and as Rosa started to climb, she found herself in front of the driver who pressed a napkin against her mouth and in a matter of seconds, she was out cold.

‘Uhhh’ yawned Rosa as she woke up in dizziness. “Where am I?”. ‘Rosa, is that you’ a voice whispered. “Maxine?”. Rosa had found her friend and wanted to scream in delight but Maxine shushed her. ‘Rosa don’t’. ‘These terrorists would do anything to harm you no matter what if you make any sort of noise so keep your voice down’. “Hey”! said a voice booming as the door was kicked open. A tall man entered wearing a hat with old fashioned clothes that looked like they came straight from the 70s. ‘Wait a minute’ said Rosa with a shocked tone. ‘You’re the driver’. ‘Yes’, said the man sniggering. “What do you want?” asked Maxine. ‘Info’ said the man. ‘From Rosa’. ‘That’s why I brought you here Maxine’. ‘As bait’. ‘I just needed to torture you for Rosa to come find you’. ‘And now, here she is’. ‘You can torture me all you want’ boomed Rosa, “but you will not hurt my friend!”. “Well of course I wouldn’t!” said the man. “Oh! By the way, where are my manners. ‘I forgot to introduce myself’. ‘I’m Dylan’. ‘Dylan Slate’.

‘Now Rosa’. ‘If you don’t want your friend getting tortured, you will give me all the information on the project that you are currently working on at the CIA or your friend won’t live to see another day’. ‘Go to hell’ said Rosa. ‘Boom’ went a shot from a gun Dylan held. ‘AHHHHH’ screamed Maxine in pain as the bullet went through her leg. ‘The next one goes to the heart’ said Dylan. ‘Ok ok’ said Rosa. ‘Just let my friend go’. But what Dylan did not know was that Rosa had a gun and a knife behind her back. Or so she thought he didn’t. ‘Crr crr’ went the rope as Rosa cut through it. Then, when Dylan was looking away considering what Rosa was saying, she pointed a gun at him and shot bullets at him. ‘Uhhh’ went Dylan as he fell to the ground. ‘Come on Maxine’. ‘We have to hurry’ said Rosa panting. She cut Maxine’s ropes and they escaped. All of a sudden, a metal chain hit Rosa’s feet and wrapped themselves around her. ‘AHHHHH’ she screamed in pain and agony. Dylan came towards her bleeding. “How are you not dead?!” said Rosa scared and panting. ‘Kevlar’ said Dylan as he revealed Kevlar around the part where Rosa hit him.

‘Now, it’s time for revenge’ said Dylan with a smile of a clown on his face as he pointed the gun at her. ‘I don’t care now if your friend has left’. ‘The position you have in the CIA is what matters’. ‘If I kill you, they won’t have anyone else meaning I can just go there myself and compromise your base’. ‘You monster’ said Rosa with anger. ‘I’m going to kill you’. ‘Not if I do first’ said Dylan now putting more pressure on the trigger. But then, a boom came. ‘Dunhhhh’ it went as something dropped to the ground and Dylan got pushed back. A woman then came through the fire and helped Rosa up. “Jennifer??!” asked Rosa in a shocked voice.

‘Hello Rosa’. Jennifer was her boss at the CIA. She was the one who given Rosa her first break and everyone respected her. ‘Come on now’. ‘Let’s get out of here’. ‘But Maxine’. ‘Maxine is alright’. “How did you find me?” asked Rosa. ‘Well’, said Jennifer, ‘after you asked me about the going to London, I knew that something was wrong so I monitored you and acted on it once you got kidnapped’. ‘Now come on’. ‘We have to hurry’. ‘Stop right there’ said Dylan. ‘Go Rosa’ said Jennifer. ‘I’ll handle this creep’. ‘But’ said Rosa getting cut off. “Just go” said Jennifer in a pleading voice. Rosa ran and a black car skidded to a halt next to her. ‘Get in’ said the driver with Maxine in the passenger seat.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Dylan were fighting gun to gun. It looked like a close fight with both of them being equals but Jennifer managed to aim for Dylan’s head and quickly headed out jumping into the car.

‘Now come on’ she said. ‘It’s time to go home’. ‘Yes’ said Rosa. ‘By the way, Maxine, how did you meet Dylan. ‘Oh that’s a story for another day!’ replied Maxine. ‘Now let’s just focus on getting home’.


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