A Search For Diamonds

Jahnavi, Class 4, Lumbini Montessori, Hyderabad

It was summer holidays and they did some discovering, So let’s hear that story let’s start.

It was summer holidays and Anne, George and Julian went to their grandma’s house. Grandma took them to a farm. In that farm there are berries(Like Strawberries, Rasberries, Blueberries, Canberries, Blackberries and Mulberries). They also saw peacocks. They ran after peacocks and they were lost in the forest. But they wanted find diamonds. So, they started digging and they dug into soil. They dug and dug with some sticks. Soon they found granite.

They continued digging and found garnet. They dug and dug, soon they found marbles. They are yet to find diamonds. They dug and dug, soon found copper. They dug and dug and found emaralds. Still they dug and dug to find rubies. They still went on digging. At last they found Diamonds.

But they were dirty, so they washed them in the lake called Dal lake. They found their way home. After dinner they told grandma about their discovery. Then grandma told “when ever you go for another discovery like this I will also come with you.



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