Amee Singh, Class 9, BGS Public School, Bengaluru

A Flower in Concrete

A Flower in Concrete

On a road I was walking
The street burning in the heat
My eye caught flashes of crimson
There stood a rose amidst the concrete
The miraculous thing stood tall
Never had I seen such a flower
That took so much pride
In its beautiful power
But then my mind
Thought out such a ghastly future
For the little flower that stood there
For the little red creature I wondered if it would be pulled out
By a lover for his stubborn partner
Or whether it would be deprived of its resources
And die without sunlight and water
But as suddenly as I thought I realised another ending
That if the flower was really destined to die
It would have never sprouted from its seedling
With so much courage and enthusiasm
If it came out of the soil alive
Even if it died
It had already accomplished enough in life
Even if it died
It would be as alive as a soldier is
In someone’s mind
Who died fighting a grimon battle
A scooter honks behind me
Out of my thoughts yanking me
I smiled at the good news
The driver thinking I must be crazy
He seemed well in a hurry
And past me he rushed
With his ignorance to the road
The little flower lay crushed


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