Tanishq Sushant Sapkal, Class 10, Podar International School, Satara

The Lockdown Month

The Lockdown Month

It was the start of the lock down
It felt like I was a bird in the cage
I don’t know why! but I broke down in tears
A month felt like ages in the cage
People read Hymns and prayers
But there wasn’t a change
Those empty streets looked excited
But those roads were still without feet
It really seemed unsighted like everything changed in few hours
Those roads outside…
And the blossomed flowers
Sitting near the window only
I could see was the nature that
Beautified I missed the fun I had
Those School days…
Those stupid friends who made me mad…
Those Summer vacations in Mays…
Were now Just memories…
Looking down, those days felt like centuries…
Now I felt myself drowned I could seriously relate this life
With the caged animals…
All the world was in strife
It felt like I weren’t human, instead Reptiles and Mammals
I finally decided, to make it habitual and comfort myself,
The rules… now I had abided
Then I looked at the books in the shelf,
They gave me courage
This lockdown was seriously savage!


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