March 24, 2023

A Glass of Milk

Samreen Gill, Class 5, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy who lived in a small mud house. One day on coming back from school, he felt very thirsty. He looked for water in every single pot he had, but there was nothing. So he decided to ask around. He saw a nice house and he went there. He knocked, and a girl who appeared to be 6-7 years older opened the door. He asked her for a glass of water.

The girl went inside and started to pour water into the glass. But she had a better idea, and instead of water, she gave the boy milk because he appeared to be exhausted and needed energy. “This is milk, not water,” the boy was surprised. The boy was surprised and said, “This is milk not water”. The girl replied “I’m giving you milk because I see from your health that you need energy,” the girl replied. “Thank you so much,” the boy replied, “I promise to pay you back one day.” The boy happily drank the milk and returned home.

The girl had grown up after seven years. She had injured her legs and was admitted to the hospital. The doctors told her that she is unlikely to be able to walk again. But there was one doctor who remained optimistic. He took care of the woman; he made sure that she was comfortable. He took care of the woman and made sure she was comfortable. The woman’s legs were fine. She was able to walk. But she appeared upset when she discovered the bill was too high, but the nurse told her that it had already been paid. The woman was stunned and asked the nurse, “Who paid?” But she said she didn’t know. A voice called out from behind. “I did,” said the doctor. The woman was surprised and asked the doctor why he paid. He told her that when he was younger and thirsty, he came to her house for water. She gave him milk instead of water. I promised myself I would pay you back, and now I am. The woman was happy and so was the doctor.

Moral of the story- When you are kind to others, they repay you by being kind to you.


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