Samriddha Biswas, Class 5, Techno India Group Public School, Garia, Kolkata

Once in Egypt, it was the time when the pyramid of Giza was getting constructed. There were thousands and thousands of workers busy in their works. When it was afternoon they were provided with water and a slice of a tasty food which they called as “Giza’s Tiffin”.

One day a man from the country Laos went up to there. He was a food inspector and visited the globe for inspecting food from various countries. His name was Erit. After few moments, he marched up to the food distribution counter. Erit then spoke up “Hellow Sir! I’m Erit, a food inspector from Laos. May I taste this food a bit you’re distributing?” The counter man said “Yes! Of Course Sir!”

When Erit tasted a bit of it, he realised IT WAS TOTALLY SCRUMPTIOUS! But he was unable to pronounce ‘Giza’! He started pronouncing it as ‘Pizza’.As ‘Pizza’ pronunciation was much easier, we caught it.

From that time on Giza’s Tiffin, I mean Pizza became a film star and we started having its autographs.


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