A Jolly Horror Tale

Anannya Suraj, Class 7, PSBB T.Nagar, Chennai

BOOM! I heard the bomb go off in the distance. It was horrifying, to know that hundreds of thousands of people are dying at the moment, because of Ronald’s actions. He had been the one to set the bomb blast in Moscow. And to think that all of this was the result of some stupid paper signed by the wrong person. I could hear water dripping from one of the pipes in the ceiling. We were underground, trying to reach Finland. We were then half way there.

“You know,” said Ronald. “There is a myth that the tunnels connecting Moscow to Finland is haunted.” “Sure” I said, rolling my eyes. I was focused on one thing, and that was to reach Finland before dawn, for that is when the Soviets strike.
Thud! I turned around, shining my torchlight in the direction that came from. “Might be the ghost haunting the tunnels, eh?” asked Ronald.

“Seriously?” I asked. I was getting tired of his tactics. He really was too immature to have been selected in the military. A few more minutes passed. THUD! There it was again. And louder. “You know what?” I asked hesitantly. “Maybe you should go ahead. I’ll investigate what that is.” “Hell no! We’re sticking together, whether you like it or not.” He said. These were the times I felt grateful that he was my friend. I looked at him, took a deep breath, and headed back to see what the cause of the thuds were. And true to his word, he stuck with me, until the end. Truly, till the end.

We kept walking in that direction for about seven minutes approximately before we heard another thud. And this one was much closer. Sounded like it was just one hundred yards away. I didn’t realize it, but my hands were trembling, as I took another step forward. I jumped when I felt something touch my shoulder, but then I turned back to see that it was just Ronald. He was telling me not to go further. I nodded at his gesture and we waited. I was soon to realise that these were the moments that seemed to be the longest in our lives.

We waited with baited breaths, hoping that whatever it was, was not an immediate threat to us at the moment. We also switched off our torches, trying not to attract attention to ourselves.

One minute passed. And then two more. And then five. And then three. We were fed up and soon decided that it must have been some old rusty pipe that was just acting up strange. That was our biggest mistake in our lives. Because the minute I switched on my torch, a tiger jumped on us.
And I screamed. I screamed so loud that- “CHLOE!!!!!” Oh no. I sighed. “Yes mom?” I asked. “Why did you scream like that? You nearly gave me an heart attack!” she said. “And anyways, I need you to go buy butter from the grocery store. I’ve run out of it.” “Come on Mom! There’s just twenty more minutes for this movie to end!” “No! you are going NOW! You hear me?” she asked. “Unless of course you don’t want the pudding ready by the time your cousins arrive for Christmas!” “Mom, for the last time, I don’t believe in Christmas, and I don’t believe in Jesus, so I really don’t care!” I said. “Well, I do, and so does your family! So you are going to get me that butter!” I just rolled my eyes and got up, to leave to the grocery store.

When I got there, I was met with the usual Halloween decorations that should have been removed months ago. And knowing Walmart, that wouldn’t happen until Christmas eve. The movie Predator, the one I was just watching, was actually a gift from my friend for Halloween, which was also when my birthday is. I headed inside and walked up to an aisle with dairy products. Once I got a box. full of butter, I headed over to the cashier.

Tim was there, a friendly, old man, who has been my accomplice since I was a kid. “Not much on your bucket list today, huh kid?” He asked, in his usual nasal voice. “Nah,” I replied. “Just getting this for my mom.” “You know, we need some help putting’ up decorations for Christmas,” he said. “Mind coming over to help anytime soon?” “Ya, sure!” I replied. “Does this Sunday work?” “It sure does! I’ll make sure that the boss knows!” I smiled at him, then left.

It took me around ten minutes to get home. Once I did, I left the butter on the dining table, and sat right down next to the TV, to watch Predator in peace.


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