Diary Of a Quarantined Kid- Winter Troubles

Chayank Kausik, Class 5, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bengaluru

So winter is coming soon and I am not that excited because I hate winter, I would prefer the summer heat it’s just so relaxing and you can enjoy in the shade eating watermelons and mangoes. Every winter we go to my grandmother’s house, and we stay there until the last day of winter vacation and my grandma has a big cement pathway and next to their house lives my cousin sister. We booked tickets for a flight because last time we went by train it did not end well, and we started packing next thing in the morning.

Monday- We were in a hurry while packing because we just packed the toothbrushes and towels but we forgot to take the suitcases and duffle bags because the flight was tomorrow morning and we realized that at night time so we had to start moving the thing is we were in such a hurry that we forgot half the stuff.

Tuesday- We got up at 5 in the morning and starting moving and got in the taxi we rushed to the airport, we only had an hour because our flight was at six mom and dad were at the lobby to get their boarding pass while I was entertaining my sister. When my dad got the boarding pass we rushed to the first floor to wait for the plane then when we saw the time it was already 5:59 we had a minute and we rushed to the gate got in the plane in time. The pilot announced that it would take two hours to reach the destination, when we took, off my ears were hurting I was going to open the box of gum but then I remembered that I forgot to pack the gum so I had to struggle through two hours of ear pain. When we landed we noticed something strange it did not look like Assam where my grandma lives, when we went inside to collect our suitcases then we realized we got on the wrong plane we were all freaking out so we stayed in a motel for the night.

Wednesday- We got up and checked out the place and we found out that we were in Southern Asia it was really confusing then we got to know that our luggage was at our plane and we have someone else’s luggage. So we dressed up and headed for the airport, we booked a plane to Assam but the person told us that our plane was not going to be here until Friday because of harsh weather. So we checked out the place but mom was really worried because our luggage was at the wrong plane. We visited a few places like gardens and monuments but I forgot the names any way this is how we spent the day.

Thursday- We woke up in 9:30am but I was still tired I heard some strange sounds and music everybody was asleep so I opened the window and saw a large kind stage where people were partying, I had to pee so I went in the bathroom and saw termites all over the floor, but I liked one thing about the place it was hot so it still wasn’t time to suffer the cold. I did not do anything at Thursday all I did was sleep.

Friday- We got up and headed straight for the airport, and got on the plane but this time we checked which plane it was and hopped in. This time it was a 3 hour flight the first two hours went by of sleeping and the third hour I watched a movie I didn’t enjoy a lot. But I still had to go through the pain and when we landed we went in the airport and collected our luggage. We took and uber and headed to my grandmother’s house. When we reached it was midnight we rang the bell and my grandfather answered the door, he said that he had been waiting for us.

Saturday- We woke up and unpacked our luggage and realized that we forgot half our stuff like sweaters, mittens, scarfs, shoes and slippers I forgot to tell my mom that we forgot half our luggage but she was disappointed my dad was very glad that we forgot those stuff because he was willing to buy new ones. My mom told us that we could only stay here until Friday because we had forgotten our stuff and faced a lot of trouble, I thought that she just said that speech because she wanted to go home. We headed to the shop next to the house and took grandma with us there were a lot of mitten selections at the shop but after a few moments I had to pee. I asked my mom where was the bathroom she said there was no bathroom but the shop was next to the house so I ran as fast as I could and hopped in the bathroom in the house. I was so glad that I made it in time. But then I realized that I peed my pants running towards the house so I changed my pants and headed towards the shop. When we got back home I told my mom the hole story she was verry disappointed I just didn’t know why.

Sunday – I woke up and ate some corn cereal with milk and went to my cousin sister’s house which was only two blocks away from my grandma’s house. I played catch with her and went back home my mom woke up and told me to buy a carton of milk from the shop when I took the carton home I noticed something everybody was looking at me and laughing I didn’t realize why until my mom saw me I looked at the carton and it was empty then when I looked at the footpath I saw a big trail of milk till the house that’s how my day went.

Monday – Today I wasn’t looking for trouble because I already embarrassed my self a lot and I hate this place so I stayed in the house and did magic with my deck of cards I bought with me for entertainment.

Tuesday – I woke up and the first thing I did was check my teeth because we lost the toothbrushes my teeth were all yellow I hated it I asked my mom for some money for toothbrushes but she said that I would do something wrong again and it would be a waste of money. That made me hate this place even more and it was also freezing today the weather forecast said that its was going to be 10 degrees Celsius and that made hate it even more!!

Thursday – Wednesday was a day of nothing I just sat on the couch and played games so I moved to Thursday well today I tried to convince my grandpa to buy me a sweater he said that he would get it for me on my birthday but the only thing I liked today was lunch and nothing else.

Friday – Today we woke up and started packing because tomorrow we were leaving, but this time we made sure that we did not forget anything my grandma helped packing my little sister’s clothes we were planning on leaving today but we decided to leave tomorrow instead.

Saturday – We woke up at 5am and started dressing up we said good by to our grandparents and headed for the airport, when we got there it took us about an hour to get the boarding pass but good thing plane leaves at 7:30am we only had an hour and a half when we were going down the escalator my sister’s doll got stuck at the end so we had to press the stop button to get it out when we saw the time it was already 6:00am. I saw one of those mini vans which carried luggage so dad hopped in and drove the mini van like racing a formula 1 car. When we reached the plane it was 7:30am so we made it just in time we sat down relaxed and enjoyed the flight.

Sunday – When we entered our house it was a total mess there were dust and insects everywhere, so we spent the entire day cleaning.

Monday – A news came that a new virus called corona virus and there is going to be a lockdown, it was a miracle that we made it on time or we could be stuck at my grandma’s house.

The End!!

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