The Pyramid Mystery

Hruyan Narkar, Class 5, Podar International School, Solapur, Maharashtra

It was a scary night. I was watching a horror movie, “ The Ghost’s Pet”. I was so scared that I could not sleep the whole night! My teeth were grinding. The next day my grandfather Charles called me to the city tower. When I went there, I saw a man coming towards me. He was wearing a mask of a dragon. I was scared and perplexed. When the man removed his mask, then I understood it was my friend, Calorie man!

My grandfather also called my cousins, Lucy and Tenim.
Tenim told me that we have to solve a mystery! “Which mystery?” I asked.” We have to go to Egypt to solve The Pyramid Mystery,” he announced. We ran to take the flight to Egypt but we were late.

The next flight was after half an hour. “What will we do for half an hour?” Tenim asked.” There’s a library!” Lucy shouted. “Yes! We can go there and read the Egyptian books,” Calorie man said. We went to the library.

We reached Egypt by next flight. It was so hot there that I drank my whole water bottle. But I was still thirsty. I saw a pond nearby. I ran to the pond to take water from it, but it was just a mirage.
We went forward. We saw a pyramid. There was a note on it. The note said, “If you will remove the note, the pyramid would get destroyed.” “What should we do? “ Lucy asked. “Come here, something is there..,” Tenim bellowed.

We went there. And we found a tunnel! We went inside it. It went inside the pyramid. Inside the pyramid, Tenim saw a door! Inside the door, we saw a huge coffin! We tried to open the coffin. But it was very heavy. Tenim contacted The History Museum of The Master City.

The next day the workers came from the museum. They opened the coffin. I thought that there would be something mysterious. But there were stairs inside! We sighed and walked down the stairs. The room seemed like it was not opened for years. There was an old wooden box. It had a lock, we looked for the keys but they were nowhere.
I was tired. I lied back on the wall. From there I saw a wheel. I went near it. There was a chit stuck to the wheel.It read, “ NIPS EHT LEEHW DNUOR OT TEG EHT YEK”. I told it to everyone.Tenim said, “ I think that the letters are reversed.” Then we quickly understood the meaning. It meant, “Spin the wheel round to get the key.”

We spinned it and the chandelier started shaking. The key fell from the chandelier. We quickly opened the box, and saw two gold pots and a diamond. “Bravo!!” said the workers.

The next day the box was taken carefully to the museum. After some days, a letter came to my home. It was from “The Master City History Museum”. They made me the HR (History Researcher) of the Museum!


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