A Letter from Future

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

Dear Me,
Today, when I see the world through my past eyes, I can surely tell you that the world is a wonderful place. It has changed to a clean and sustainable planet where there are no more threats to the animals in the wild. The world is switching to a green future. All the icebergs and glaciers are standing serenely instead of melting. The air quality has improved a lot. Today, you cannot hear about any holes in the ozone layer. The world has endured a lot of pain in the past 25 years. You cannot see any garbage being dumped in rivers or water bodies. You cannot see those impermeable plastic lying on the streets like they used to. Our planet is healing slowly and gradually with a ray of hope for a brighter future.

Today, You can see a major change in the people. These people have faced many challenges. They have understood the importance of being together, the importance of living in brotherhood, and the importance of sharing love. You can very easily find kind-hearted neighbors in every corner of the city. People have realized that the color of your heart and soul matters more than the color of your skin. I find no discrimination in today’s cosmic world where people are bounded by freedom.

I remember those times when children hated to go to school. But today, School has become an interest of all children. Children are being taught the message of peace and companionship. Every day children are going to school with wide, endearing smiles on their playful faces. They are inspired to become what they dream to be.

Today instead of staying isolated from the world, people are experiencing nature, and interacting with nature. Rather than exploiting it, they are conserving it. Today, when I see the world through my past eyes, the world has developed.

I have written this letter to tell you that never lose faith in yourself. You may have had some downs in life but the past does not define your future. Learn from your mistakes that have gone wrong in the past and move on with the lessons you have learned. It might take some time to cultivate new habits but have patience. Because what you do now will affect your future, and that will make you who you are tomorrow.

Your future self


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