Just One Star

Chayank Kausik, Class 5, Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangaluru


Lucy and James were two physicists working at NASA. They were sitting on a plateau together, gazing at the stars.

They enjoyed themselves until they noticed a bright star in the sky. It was shining so bright that if you could pull the lead closer, it could become the new sun.

Lucy-“I have never seen a star so bright in the sky before!”

James-“You do know what this means?”

Both of them, the next day informed all their colleagues. They were all really surprised.

After a few days, the news was spread worldwide and everybody panicked.


The star was getting brighter each day and eventually became visible during the day. The sky was filled with an eerie red glow. Lucy and James were distraught, and so was everybody else in the world.

Everyone knew the end was near, so they started working on escape pods to go to the only possible habitable planet- Kepler 452-b.

As the days pass, the star got brighter by the day, and eventually, people had to wear sunglasses at night!

The weather was getting colder by the day, it was even announced that the Earth will go out of orbit Thursday.

Lucy got ready on comms, while James got on the launch pad. NASA was about test its first hyperspeed spaceship, which could go about 12,000km per minute. The ship took off after 5 minutes, but then got lost in communication.


All the people were praying that this would be over, and slowly the star started decreasing but the weather got really cold. After a year, the sun became a star among many and the sky was pitch black.

If you were to talk about other parts of the world, half of Asia would be wiped out by the collision. Africa would have a major earthquake, and because the revolution became more faster, there would be a major time difference.

Everybody knew that they would die, but what they didn’t know was that it wasn’t the end.


It had been a few weeks since Lucy and James met, but they were still in contact.

Lucy was helping the people at the charity, and James was working on the escape pods. It had been 4 years and they had already crossed Mars!

To estimate, the temperature would be -50 degrees celsius, and it had become really hard to make fire. Half the population had frozen to death.

As the days got dark, the final winter of humanity had begun, from space, the Earth had looked like an icy blue moon, and the green-blue sphere of life now looked like a pale blue of death.

The ice caps started increasing, and global infrastructure broke down, people were burning whatever they could to survive.

All of them were living on borrowed time.


James and his team by now had made almost 35 escape pods. They did, want to make an eject system, but ran out of resources.

7 years later

The temperature was – 57 degrees Celsius, and people were dying every day. All of them left gathered around the launch pad, and 7 people entered each pod. But luckily they had heaters.

All of them had to be launched by 7:30 pm. The Earth was getting close to entering Jupiter’s orbit.

All of them including Lucy and James got on the pods with enough resources to build a skyscraper. They all entered the exosphere by 7:50 pm. The plan would be successful, only if the hyperspace button worked.


All of the pods had reached the same position as planned for the hyperspeed launch.

James and Lucy had made a special geometrical formation that would avoid space traffic.

After a lot of thinking, all of them pressed the hyperspace button and saw a blinding flash of light flash before their eyes.

When James opened his eyes, he saw rays of light passing through the pod very slowly. He took a sigh of relief, his hyperspeed formula had worked. After a few moments, the pod stopped and they were looking at the most habitable planet possible.

But, time was running out. The oxygen supply went down to 78%. Everybody was struggling to breathe. According to Lucy, the oxygen would go down to absolute 0 in 48 hours.


All the pods had enough fuel to hyper-speed into the planet’s atmosphere.

James- “This is our chance!”

Stranger-“Are you mad?!, do you want us to die!”

He took a deep breath, oxygen levels were 31%. James didn’t wait any longer. And just pressed it.

The next moment he opened his eyes, he saw blue skies with clouds, lush green beauty, and water wherever he looked.

Lucy-“Come on! It worked, feel the fresh air!”

James got up and felt the soft grass touch his skin.

This was the end of one journey, and the start of another!

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