The Swap of Lives

Japneet, Class 8, Learning Paths School

It was 6am until my alarm rang, for me it was a normal, boring school day. I woke up unwillingly and went to get ready. I was feeling sleepy and wasn’t able to open my eyes properly. The moment I looked myself in the mirror it wasn’t me. To my surprise it was my mother’s face. I wasn’t able to grasp the reality that it’s me but it’s not me! I was doomed until I ran to my mother screaming.

I saw my mother sitting in a shock too as she looked like me. She looked at me with a guilty face as if she knew what’s happening. Before I could say anything she spoke up,” I am sorry dear.” I was wondering that what is that sorry for? My mom understood my reaction and tried to explain me everything that she was very angry at me yesterday, because of my marks and unintentionally prayed to god that I was at her place, to teach me a lesson.

This for me was seeming as a dream or something as I don’t believe in such things so I just ignored the fact that her story was real and thought,” there must be a solution to this problem but first I need to figure out that how will I attend school as I have an assessment today.” I requested mom to go to school at my place and I will go to her office for now and will find a solution soon. She agreed and i went her office and she went to school. The moment i entered her office, it seemed like a well-organised showroom to me. Well, if i am my mother then i need to work too. I didn’t know what to do plus everyone was giving weird looks to me which made me feel uncomfortable so I requested the boss if I could get an off today.

He wasn’t agreeing but I was a master of excuses so I told him that my children are unwell and I need to take care of them. As expected my excuse worked and I reached home as soon as possible.

I was alone at home, which was the worst thing as the house was really messy, usually mom does all the household work but now she is at school. So i had to clean up the house a little which took me forever. It was 3pm and mom had just reached home, she seemed tired so i gave her a glass of water. We spared time talking and it was 9 already, we totally forgot that we had to figure out how to come into ourselves back. We just had dinner and went to sleep.

The Next Day I woke up at 6 as usual but was happy to see myself back in my body. It seemed like a magic or a dream to me. I ran to my mother to give her this news. She was happy too and we gave a hug to each-other. We apologized each other for thinking that our tasks are easy. My mother realised that being a student is not a piece of cake whereas I got to know that being a working mother is a great task too.

The End


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