The Socks That Could Walk on its Own

Krishang Chaturvedi, Class 3, DPS North, Bangalore

One Thursday, when I returned home from school, I was taking off my socks. Seeing its condition, I asked mom if she can get a new pair of socks for me. We decided to buy the new one in the coming weekend. The next morning, when I was getting ready for my school, I heard a weird thudding coming from the shoe rack. When I opened the shoe rack, I could see the socks walking on their own.

This scene bewildered me. I thought this is just a dream. How can this be real! How socks can walk on its own! I rubbed my eyes to check if it was true! As soon as I tried to pick them, they started running around the house. It almost took me thirty minutes to catch them. This was so quirky that I decided not to share this incident with anyone because I knew everyone is going to make fun of me. But since then, I always made sure to tie them after I return from school because if I do not, they would start going around and it would again take a long time to grab them.

One day, I saw the socks missing. I searched the whole house, but I could not find them. I heard my father telling my mother “I have a meeting with my boss and few of my colleagues. They are going to visit us this evening.” It should have been an important meeting because I have never heard my father saying that. The bell rang. I got cold feet and ran full speed into my room to look for the socks and tie them properly.

My parents did not know that I have a pair of magic socks. I was worried about what would happen next. I decided to throw the socks out of my window but I saw them back in my bedroom – the pair of magic socks. I panicked. So, I wore them and went near a lake. I slipped and fell down into the lake. I started drowning as I did not know swimming. I screamed for help but no one was around. The next moment, I felt like someone was pulling me towards the surface and I realized that my socks helped me to paddle my legs. It kept pushing me afloat until I reached the corner. This way they rescued my life.

Thereafter they became my favourite socks. We had many magical moments together and I decided never to throw them out of my life.


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