A Never-ending Love Story

Tanisha Bose, Class 7, Deens Academy Gunjur, Bengaluru

A love story I call it
Cause I drown in her eyes
Her beauty a gift so special,
Her smile a beauty unknown.
She is home to a thousand people
All different in every way,
But somehow all the same at heart
And in a way unknown, fallen in love I have.
Caring and loving,
A storm of emotions,
Strong and fearless,
A whirlwind of flavours.
Oh, fallen in love I have
Now 2000 miles away,
But somehow still in love
Drifted apart we have, but not at heart.
We are still in a love so deep
And every time we leave, fall in love again, we will.
Cause Calcutta, you and I,
We are a never-ending love story.


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