A New Beginning or The End!

Harshikaa A Khanna, Class 5
Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata

The only thing that kept an otherwise boring Tuesday lively was my science practical class. Being in middle school had its own perks and conducting weekly experiments was one of them. Today, as our Chemistry teacher Ms. Potts had promised, we would be conducting a combustion test using fire.

My entire class was quaking in its boots and rushed with restless energy to the science lab.

Some other students were having their own fun day in the lab while doing an experiment using fire. I went to use the restroom when the fire alarm wailed loudly.

All the students went helter-skelter. Thankfully, the fire was under control and no one was hurt but the entire lab was swallowed by fire.

Since the lab was shut down, all our classes were now to be held in the high school lab.

The next day, I was running late for my class. In haste, trying to find my way to the lab, I took a wrong turn and entered a totally different hall.

Curious, I set off exploring the area. There was a storage room down the hall, which I entered. There were boxes strewn all over the room. The paint was peeling and cobwebs were hanging from the walls. Fresh questions aroused in my mind. As I moved ahead, I noticed some loose floor tiles and I tripped over one. The ground literally opened up to a spiraled staircase going down somewhere. I was taken aback. Nevertheless, I took the stairs.

I ended up in a lab, where people were moving from place to place in their spotless lab coats, holding clipboards. The light in the room was as bright as the sun.

It was like a huge laboratory, divided into different rooms. I sneaked here and there and all I could understand was that there was some research work going on based on to cure the human body.

Just as I was about to climb the stairs which led to the storage room, a guard spotted me and rushed towards me. He grabbed me by my collar and took me to the authorities. Their minds were full of questions just like mine.

I explained to them that I accidentally opened up the staircase and out of curiosity reached this laboratory. As I questioned them about this secret space, the scientists informed me that they were conducting some crucial lab experiments to safeguard it from falling into wrong hands. They were making medicine that would treat the people in the military from injuries and bullet shots and could keep their internal organs healthy.

Overwhelmed by their response, I pleaded them if they could offer their medicine to my mother, who was dying due to organ failure. They said that they were willing to help, as long as everything was kept a secret and I told no one. I had nothing to lose as all doctors had given up hope on my mother.

A doctor assisted me out of the laboratory and helped inject the medicine into my mother’s veins.

In our willingness to step into the unknown, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe – Deepak Chopra


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