A Planet – Magical Eye

Namya Doshi, Class 2, The Northstar School, Rajkot

Hi. My name is Rex. I am an Astronaut. Today we are going on a space mission. So let’s go to the Rocket launching site. I and my other Astronaut friends are ready for the launch and seated inside the Rocket. It’s
time for takeoff. Three.. two.. one.. take off.

Woowww it’s so beautiful, we are in the space now. Oh no..! A space rock hits our rocket. The window broke and I fell out from the window into the space.

When I opened my eyes, it was magical everywhere. I am on the planet which is neither Mars nor Saturn. It’s like I can see my favorite places everywhere. I love house near water; I like greenery, flowers, rainbow etc. All such beautiful things I found around me. It’s unbelievable. I stayed there for few days. It was the most beautiful days of my life.

I was thinking about the name of the planet and suddenly a rocket landed on the planet. Slowly door got open and someone called me by my name from inside. They were my friends who were searching for me in the space.

I don’t want to go from this planet but when I put my one leg on rocket, the planet looked completely different and normal to me. My all the favorite places got disappear. I was surprised. What happed to the planet? We took some gas from the planate for research and then we come to know that it is a gas that goes in the nose and actives the brain for imagination. So we can see all such places which are our favorite one. So when I came back on rocket, I saw a normal planet. Such a surprising! So, I decided to keep name of the planet “Magical eye”.


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