The Dragon Boy

Aditya Atara, Class 4, The Northstar School, Rajkot

There was a village named Shillong. The King Sheb and the queen Sheba were happily living in the village. They had a prince named Simba. He was very fond of Dragon stories. One day Simba woke up and recalled last night’s dream. The fairy called him to pray to god so god can help him to meet the Dragon. Next day, he went in that direction which God had shown him in his dream.

On the way to meet the Dragon, Simba entered a dark forest. He heard a strange sound but he wasn’t scared. There were little men like dwarves talking to each other. Simba asked them about the dragon. They said that it is the right way to meet the dragon but it is very dangerous as there are many animals like lions, bears, elephants and wild dogs in the forest.

So, one dwarf gave him a chant to be a little dwarf so he can be protected from the wild animals. The dwarf gave him a unicorn so he can reach fast.

After a few days, Simba entered the village and was shocked. He saw that every villager was passing with their pets and the pets were either dogs, cows or dragons.

Then he chanted the Mantra so that he can be a normal man. He saw a boy playing with the Dragon. Simba asked his name. The boy introduced him and his dragon said his name is Titoo and lives in that village with his mother and father. Titoo and Simba become best friends with the dragon.


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