The Heaven City

Purva Barasiya, Class 4, The Northstar School, Rajkot

Once there lived a girl called Wendy. Wendy lived in London. She wanted to explore the Heaven City. Heaven city was a place near the Earth. People used to go there when they felt sad and they returned happy. Wendy was sad because she had a fight with her friend. Her mother used to say, “Whenever you want to go to Heaven city, you always have to go to gate 101 of the Heathrow airport. There is always an airplane waiting.” So she ran downstairs and out of the door. Mother shouted, “Where are you going?” “Heaven City”, shouted Wendy. “Come back soon, I’ll be waiting,” said Mother.

So, she ran into gate 101 and into the airplane. The airplane was full of people with sad faces. After a while they reached Heaven City. “What a wonderful place” said Wendy. It was full of beautiful houses, big and small. It looked like a big wonderland. Looking at the other beautiful houses Wendy wished she could have a house of her own. In the next moment her house was ready in front of her eyes. She went into her house and it was just as she imagined. There was a big TV, a big bed and 3 giant sofas. She watched some cartoon shows for a while, then she got bored so she left her house.

There were loads of shops and did you know that they didn’t have normal food, they only had candy, so she went into one of the shops.

This shop was filled with different types of gummy bears. She wanted to try all of them but she forgot her money at home. The shop owner said “Don’t worry it’s all free, everything in Heaven city is free of cost”. The next few days Wendy lived happily in Heaven city, doing whatever she wanted.

Suddenly, some gigantic monsters came into Heaven City and started destroying many houses and shops, some even stole candy. One of the monsters came into Wendy’s house while she was sleeping and started to break all the furniture. Wendy was extremely scared. She shouted for help for a long time but no one replied. Wendy got an idea, so she took a long thick rope and went into the balcony. She slowly went down by the help of the rope and went into one of her neighbouring houses. Wendy was very relieved that she escaped without the monster noticing her. There, her neighbor Harry had lots of candy to eat which lasted until the monsters were gone.

Soon, she started missing her family, her friends, her school, everything! She wanted to go home!!! She went to the airport to board the plane which would take her back home. Within a few minutes she was at her home. She told her family what she did in Heaven city and how she began to miss them all. But now she was all happy.


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