Pallavi’s Childhood Dream

Onnhi Dey, Class 3 B, Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge, Kolkata

Long ago, in a town called Tarupur, a girl was born. Her name was Pallavi. She loved nature. She lived near a forest where she played with butterflies and birds. When she was a little girl, she wanted to become a botanist and know everything about trees and flowers.

When she was 11 years old, she had to move to Kolkata with her parents. She grew up to become a teacher at Wise Flower School and was doing well. Her students loved her very much.

She had some important work for which she had to visit her hometown. She was very happy thinking she will get a chance to meet her childhood friends after so many years and visit places where she used to play. When she reached her town, she saw that it was a bigger town now. There were buildings everywhere. She could not find anything from her childhood not even the forest, which she loved so dearly. She asked everyone she knew, about the forest, and they all said that it was cut down and only a few trees were left.

She sat down feeling very sad and thought to herself what had happened with her dream of becoming a botanist. She loved her trees so much but she has not done anything to help them. She thought she will do something about it.

She met with her friends and they all decided that they will all come together. They gathered all the people of the town and asked everyone to plant a tree. Everyone promised that they will take care of that tree for as long as they can and never cut any trees.

Pallavi and her friends were feeling happy after this. She promised to everyone that she will keep coming to her hometown very often and continue the work they have started. She could feel the birds and butterflies coming back to her forest.

Pallavi was smiling as she felt her childhood dream will now be fulfilled.


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