The Lost Prince of Mernia

Riya Vazhikudiyil, Class 5, The Northstar School, Rajkot

A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful kingdom named Mernia. It was full of greenery and different types of plants were found everywhere. The rulers were King Agmen and Queen Alina. They longed for a child. So they prayed and prayed and one day their wishes were fulfilled. They were not blessed with one, but two beautiful baby boys. One was born a minute before the other, so he was made to be the next heir. He was named Martin while the other was named Karl.

It was quite clear that Martin was the favourite, as he was going to be the next king. He was taught sword fighting and archery at a very young age. While Karl was told to sit in his room all day. When the twins were 14, their parents had to go to another kingdom for some trading business between the kingdoms, but their parents never returned. Turns out, their ship had sunk when they were on their way back.

So as predicted, Martin was made King. Oh, but what a King he was. He was angry and merciless. So all the people preferred Karl over him. This made Martin’s blood boil. He wanted to get rid of Karl. So that evening, Martin invited Karl to dinner with him. He pretended to be kind to Karl, but in his mind he was coming up with an evil plan. That night, while Karl was asleep, Martin ordered his most loyal guard to kill Karl. But when the guard went to Karl’s room, he couldn’t kill him, he had done nothing, Martin was the one he should have been killing. So he woke Karl up and told him to run for his life.

Karl ran through the dark forest until his legs hurt. He soon found a small cottage where an old lady lived with her daughter. The old lady agreed to let him stay with them. Soon, Karl and the old lady’s daughter, Maria soon became friends. But one day, when they were on the swing, Maria asked Karl about his family. Karl told Maria the whole story while sobbing and sniffing. Maria comforted him. They decided to go back to Karl’s kingdom to see how Martin was managing the kingdom. When they got there, the people were delighted to see Karl and told all what Martin had done. Turns out, he married a ruthless and evil queen, and now the kingdom was a mess!


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