A Special Smile

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School Rodas

While returning from school, I saw an enormous pile of books tied with a rope in my backyard. It was up to 3 feet tall. I queerly gazed at the books and asked my mom what
all this was for? She replied, “We are giving these books to the library. These are your old books which you don’t read anymore.” I felt very bad for rejecting my childhood
books and the memories associated with them. All my favorite books like 100 poems in one, ABCD guide for children, Moral stories, Animals and Birds encyclopedia were being donated. I had a deep connection with these books. I argued with my parents for not giving these books to the library.

My dad said, “When you don’t need these books anymore then why keep them? Many people in the library might find these books useful which you don’t.” We kept on arguing about the issue until they won, and we decided to give the books to the library tomorrow.

The next day, while I was returning from school. I saw a poor girl on the street. She was reading a familiar poem book. Yes, 100 poems in one! I at once recognized the book and walked towards her and asked, “Hello, do you like to read books?” She nodded quietly. “Well, I have many books, would you like to read them?” She smiled at me and jumped with excitement. I hastily ran towards my house. I went into the backyard and collected all the books. I loaded the pile onto my cycle and cycled all the way to the street. She was eagerly waiting for me. Seeing all the books made her jump.

Once I handed her the books, she hugged me tightly and said, ‘Thank you Didi! Her smile made me feel very happy. She started gazing at the pictures and reading the facts loudly. I pictured my childhood on seeing the little girl. I was very proud of myself for helping a needy and so were my parents. My mom and dad patted me on my back and
appreciated my good work.

After some days, I received a small letter from an unknown person saying “Thank you for everything Didi! You are a real superhero. I wanted to tell you that I will start school next week!” I smiled at the letter as joyful tears came rolling down my eyes. By then my mom came and said, “Will you help me in cooking?”. I wiped my tears and said, “Sure, but before that I have to write to someone special!”


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