A Tragedy

Aaroh Verma, Class 9, Greenwood High – ICSE/ISC Campus (Sarjapur), Bengaluru

Too many roads, no more paths
almost like our future,
when did the green turn to gray?
when did the blue above us,
turn the green below us black?
A Tragedy.
a tragedy of the world that’s carved,
A tragedy.
a tragedy of possible successes,
A tragedy.
a tragedy of all that we stand for.
When did we lose our way?
when did we stop caring for ourselves,
Whilst doing this with our greed.
When did we expect a saviour?
A tragedy.
a tragedy of our potential
A tragedy
a tragedy of this mindset,
to expect a saviour,
there is not a saviour.
people, are the saviour
A tragedy,
truly a tragedy.


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