Nature of the Future

Asmi Shah, Class 7, VCW Arya vidya Mandir, Bandra East

Birds are singing at the time of dawn
If we don’t preserve nature this may be gone.
No one likes to say goodbye,
But if we don’t act soon, we will to the blue sky.
Even when we know that mother nature is in grave danger.
When it comes to saving it why do we always have to act like strangers?
Our first mother is nature
Let us do our best to preserve it for the future.
If nature isn’t preserved it may be lost forever,
So we need to take initiative and save it whatsoever.
Why must we boycott our beautiful flora and fauna?
When we could be living alongside its aura.
Why are we cutting down trees that give us paper,
Just so we can make even more skyscrapers?
We should save nature or we may end in war,
Our love for mother nature should be pure.
Oh, Our love for mother nature should be pure.


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