A Typical Day in 2030

Gurlakshit Kaur, Class 9, Learning Paths School

Yeah, I guess this would do. Well, it should! After all, it took me 13 years to come here. Let me give it a try.

2030….and go!
Hmm… looks like the world changed a lot in such a time, but it is impressive. These high buildings, controlled temperatures (very advanced huh) and ohhh no this can’t be true flying cars??? I must be imagining things! now I just got to find myself in this hell of a place. Let’s see , a left from here… no.. right…no wait a left. yeah. now straight and another left another right straight once more. Ohhh god looks like I succeeded!! It is here! If I didn’t go in and took a look it would be such a waste! wow! It is just the same. now…. Where am I. Where am I. WHAT! no , this is my office!! Why does it say Dr. Richfield ? I am Dr. Raymond not Richfield! What is going on! This is very frustrating!

I think I made some mistake. I must go back in time and make it right. No no no no this can’t be happening! my work! My 13 years! my life! No God you can’t do this to me! I have to go back. I can’t be in a world where I am Dr. Richfield!
Or wait was it Dr. Richfield? Did he steal my time machine? Ugh that man! He always wanted me to fail.
Always pulling me down to be better than me. He also knew that he was not what he thought of himself! How do I make this right now? I need to take revenge. But. HOW!?
Now there was no way for me to go back in time as, of course, “The Dr. Richfield” had apparently stolen my work, so I started looking out for clues, I started off of internet and as I was a well known scientist (which I take much pride in) I could find myself in the news. Hours and hours of research lead me to the fact that somehow I had disappeared in 1999 but then where did I go? And why couldn’t I find myself in the future then?
Was it because when I came to the future I got stuck here while that filthy Richfield stole other people’s work too? That explains why I didn’t age or exist in the past and again didn’t age or exist in the future either although I lived there in the future but with the youth of 1999. WOW, That does sound very worthy to be turned to a movie.
I have to make my name shine again. Imagine it , my name coming in the newspaper headlines “THE SCIENCE PRODIGY RETURNS” huh that does sound real nice. And I started daydreaming again that was until I was woken up from my deep slumber by none other than Richfield . He was as amazed to see me as I was in agony to see him.
And that was when my mom woke me up. Why did she have to ruin such an interesting dream of mine. Why even for once could she not let me be in peace! ugh!
And now another day in my boring life being a Nobody in 2030. Where there are no flying cars, no controlled temperatures or anything as interesting as my dream was!

Another day at school where the teachers would again ask me for the homework and assignments that I never did and another day where I’d yet again be scolded for not being like my brother. Ever so intelligent, always everybody’s favourite. Just my opposite!

But whatever it was I still had to get ready and board my regular bus that doesn’t even fly!
I still got my regular breakfast that I had when I was a kid. NOTHING. Nothing changed in these many years. The same routine!

I packed my bag or more like threw literally everything I could find in my bag. And left with a sandwich still in my mouth. The bus arrived and I put on my headphones to avoid any socialising. I put on my favourite tunes and started reading a book. For that gave me comfort and a personal heaven created by me for me. And then I reached school.

As usual I sat on my spot. The last bench. And even before the lecture started and the teacher came in, I was sleeping soundly. Perfect! Three lectures. HEAVEN. Such a great sleep I had in a long time. Which was like before coming to school. And then came my teacher. Again. To scold me for I had not done neither my homework nor the class work. Yet again my parents were called for the seventh time in the past month. And they took me home before the school ended which was a win for me except I had to listen to their reprimanding.
I again went inside my room, as a typical teenager, like they say, and started listening to music and reading the book I was currently on. THE ULTIMATE BLISS IT WAS! I finished the book and processed it for a while and then continued writing my own although I knew that my parents won’t get it published because for them, I would only be accepted by the society if I was a great scientist or an engineer or I don’t know a white collared job? It didn’t bother me much though I wrote for myself and that was enough.

I then had my supper and chatted with my parents for a while which somehow soothed me as it always does for they have been constants in my life and they never not listen to me. We then went for a walk outside and my dad insisted on us having an ice cream. Which was good. And then we went back home and into our rooms for us to sleep and have the same day repeated in our lives till forever ended. For it was on a loop each day, identical.

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