Book Review

Venya Kapoor, Class 6, Heritage Xperiential school, Gurugram, Haryana

Book name: Rattu & Poorie’s Adventure In History

Author: Parvati Sharma

This is one book that is really exciting and takes you time travelling. There are two main characters in the book: Rattu and Poorie. Story begins with Rattu who is in a very bad mood. Her bossy elder sister, Poorie has hijacked her toys and has gone off to play without her. Rattu makes ghastly faces at everyone – Roundy the cat, Shanti the cook and Mama as well. But still she does not feel any better. She wished that she had a brave soldier on a big horse and had a big sword fought everyone and always took her side. As soon as she made the wish, the ground starts to tremble and suddenly there are not one but two soldiers in her room! She was astonished to see them. But soon begins the grand adventures in the uprising of 1857 and their encounters with its heroes. With the queen of Jhansi- Lakshmi Bai and the Maratha peshwa – Nana Sahib to the last Mughal emperor- Bahadur Shah Zafar, the book keeps the reader hooked till the end. The genre of this book is fiction and the sub-genre is historical fiction. This is really a very interesting read.


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