A Walk Through Nature

Aditya Murudkar, Class 5, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

A breath of fresh air,
Is Nature’s flair.
It awakens your senses,
And cleans your glasses’ lenses.
I’m totally sick of the heater,
Wish I could whop it with an eggbeater!
So, I go outside to take a walk,
And my energy rose like Jack’s beanstalk!
There were children here and there,
Running around without a care.
There was greenery everywhere,
And butterflies moving as a pair.
The scent of the flowers,
Seem to give magical powers.
There were trees with long roots,
Bearing delicious fruits.
I went back to my home,
Which is like a dome.
I will never forget the scent, the light,
And it haunts my dreams at night.


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