Time Travel

Aditya Murudkar, Class 5, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

There are so many things to unravel,
Through just one thing – time travel
How did the great dinosaurs die?
Were there ancient beasts that could fly?
When will we have flying cars?
Will we have our homes on Mars?
Will AI have victory over humans?
Will we have floating trash bins?
Will we play chess with living pieces?
Or speak to pets with mind-controlled leashes?
Will our Earth become a wasteland?
Will my favourite video games be banned?
Did the fearsome dragons exist?
Will we all wear smart watches on wrist?
But alas! no time machine we have yet!
Though for one, there are many a bet!
A century or so from now,
We will know everything from then to now.
And I will make one that weighs a ton,
And is powered by the sun!
I will discover everything listed here,
Putting in my blood, sweat and every tear.
And discover things which are so queer,
That I will become a future foreseer!


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