An Extra Wish

Shreya Ashish Shivalkar, Class 4, Infant Jesus School, Mumbai

Rohini was a lovely village girl. She was sweet and the whole village loved her. She was a devotee of Goddess Saraswati. Every evening, she used to chant prayers of Goddess Saraswati. She had heard many mythological stories from her granny; the stories were of Goddess Saraswati.

From then, Rohini began to be the Goddess’ devotee and so, she had started to chant Goddess Saraswati’s prayers taught by her granny. One night, her granny told her a story of a boy who had met Lord Vishnu; and Rohini thought that in the same way, she could meet Goddess Saraswati, too! She decided to go to the forest and meditate.

The next day, she told her granny, “Granny, I’ve decided to go to the forest and meditate there for a few months. I’ll return only after I meet Goddess Saraswati and ask her to give me a hundred wishes.” Granny was disappointed. Her granddaughter was going to be away from her for months! She said, “Dear child, why do you want to go to the forest? Couldn’t you just go in our garden and meditate over there? It’s safe, and I’ll make sure I see you everyday.” Rohini thought for a while, and then said, “Granny I’m happy to stay in the garden. But please make sure no one will come disturb me. Or else, I’ll go to the forest on that very moment. The next day, Rohini sat in the garden and started getting ready. Suddenly Granny came in rushing towards her. “Rohini! your sister is coming today in the afternoon. I bet you will be disturbed. So, you must start meditating from tomorrow.” she said.

But Rohini insisted that she would start right away and started. Her sister, Pallavi, was always very dull and she did not like Rohini go here and there. She did not like Rohini doing activities like singing (as Rohini sang very loud), dancing (because Pallavi was jealous of her beautiful dancing), etc. When she arrived, she was aghast to find Rohini meditating in the garden. She stormed into the house and said “granny what in the world are you in? How can you even allow Rohini sit and meditate all alone?” Granny said that even she was taken back when she heard it. Pallavi couldn’t bear to see all this. She immediately went to the garden. But before granny could stop her, she shouted and said “Rohini! What is all this? Who told you to sit here and meditate?” Rohini was disturbed. She slowly opened her eyes only to find angry Pallavi and slightly scared granny looking at her. She then told, “Didi, I’m glad you are here. But didn’t granny tell you that…”

“I’m so sorry my dear.” interrupted granny “I was about to tell her but she didn’t listen.” “Enough of all this!” shouted Rohini. “I’m going to the forest right away!” and saying so, she left! Can you believe it?! Rohini indeed left! Inside the forest, Rohini had already found a comfortable spot under the shade of a huge banyan tree and started meditating. She meditated and meditated for a few weeks. The gods and goddesses were worried about her. What if she fell ill due to starving? Some suggested that Narad Muni should go and make Rohini out of her will. Narad Muni agreed. He went down to earth and met Rohini. she was a sweet little girl who had a sweet pink dress and lovely brown hair. He slowly said something. Rohini opened her eyes and was surprised to find Narad Muni standing before her! He tried to make her understand but in vain.

Finally he gave up and went to his abode. He said that he had tried his best but she would’t listen. Finally Goddess Saraswati decided that she would go and pay a visit to Rohini on Vasant Panchami. When the day arrived, she went on earth and firstly met Rohini. When she saw the little girl meditating, she was surprised! Rohini was too young to do all this. She then went there and said softly, “Rohini, open you eyes.” Rohini opened her eyes and was thrilled to see Goddess Saraswati.

Although she was exited, she said calmly, “Oh Goddess! It’s a pleasant to meet you!” The Goddess smiled and said, “I grant you one wish. Tell me, what do you want?” Smart Rohini thought for a while and replied, “I want you to grant me a hundred wishes. The Goddess was surprised! No one had ever asked her such a wish. She praised Rohini’s intelligence and granted her wish.

The End


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