Angry Cat and The Smart Mouse

Hitarth Dattani, Class 2, The Northstar School, Rajkot

There was a very angry cat, and if she saw a mouse, she wanted to eat it or rather kill it. Once, she saw a smart mouse. She thought about eating the smart mouse. But the smart mouse was aware that she would not be able to eat him because she didn’t know all the paths of the city, so the mouse could go anywhere and hide.

The cat was searching for food, and she saw a smart mouse. The mouse ran and ran as fast as he could and reached the end of the city center. But, the cat was still finding the path where the mouse had gone. The mouse was finding a place to hide, and then he found a hole where he could hide. After roaming a lot the cat reached the city center and started searching for the mouse. The mouse saw the cat and hit her with a rock, and the cat fainted. The mouse came out of the hole and ran to his friend’s home, which was near Indra park. He asked his friend to help him. The friend asked him what had happened. The mouse told everything that had happened to him.

Then his friend took him to a cabinet area where they both could be safe. When the cat woke up, she went to her friend’s home, but there was a problem, she didn’t know the way to her friend’s home! She was so tired after roaming here and there for an hour, that she thought to rest for ten minutes. On the other hand, both the mice took their army of one hundred mice. The cat was wondering what the both mice were doing. Then she again started to move towards her friend’s home, and finally, after fifteen minutes, she reached her friend’s home. The army of mice took their jeeps, trucks, cars and weapons and moved to the battleground. The angry cat’s friend took eight other cats to build their army but they were still not enough—there were only ten of them. They didn’t even have jeeps, trucks, cars or any weapons like the mice, so they went to the battleground by walking. Once the teams were ready, the battle was started. One by one all cats were killed, except the angry cat who was also killed at the end by the smart mouse. And from that time, all mice lived happily.


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