Ant Hill

Taman Srepada Batlanki, Class 7, Naisak, Kakinada

I had observed an Ant Hill in my backyard. Now I would choose to be a miniature black ant. Firstly, I would love being small enough to crawl through any tiny gaps to explore and discover new things. As well as this, I think it would be really fun to always be with lots of friends. Ants work together in big colonies so I would never be lonely or stuck with what to do next. Did you know that ants can lift twenty times their own body weight? How cool is that! Finally, ants have six legs, which means they can run really fast. I would love to be super-fast as well as super strong!

However, being an ant wouldn’t be all good. They are so small that the simplest of things could really hurt. For example, when it rains it would feel like you are in a shower. Even a small puddle would feel like a giant swimming pool too. I would have to be very careful to avoid people’s feet because if I got stamped on that would be the end! This also means I would have to think very carefully about where to live, because I don’t want to come home to a squashed house one day.

The most surprising thing is that ants are always busy and happy with what they have. I wonder why we humans doesn’t have that satisfaction? Why we humans always try to touch the sky while we are happy on earth?
Hello and Welcome, my name is TAMAN SREPADA BATLANKI and I’m 8yrs old.


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