My Dream Superhero

Chyavan Karthikeya Batlanki, Class 7, Naisak, Kakinada

My Superhero Deam to combat Climate Change:
“The Paradise of the Rich Nations being made at the stake of the Hell of The Poor Nations”

The First Mass Extinction (Ordovician-Silurian), 443 million years ago, wiped out 5% of all species. The Second Mass Extinction (Devonian), 374 million years ago, killed three-quarters of the world’s species. The Third Mass Extinction (Permian), 250 million years ago, also known as the Great Dying, eradicated 95% of all species. The Fourth Mass Extinction (Triassic), 200 million years ago, eliminated 80% of Earth’s species. The Fifth Mass Extinction (Cretaceous), 65 million years ago, killed 78% of all species. One thing which had survived successfully all through these five mass extinctions and still existing & growing today with more vigor and power than earlier is INEQUALITY. Let’s be brutally honest and talk the naked truth. Yes, this world is not fair.

When we think about climate change, it’s easy to focus on visible effects. Stronger hurricanes, more frequent wildfires, and longer droughts all dominate headlines and capture attention. But there’s a less visible effect that’s rarely a front-page news: How Inequality is triggering Climate Change?
Many poor nations facing stronger storms, rising waters, and food scarcity, all connected to the changing climate.

Meanwhile, rich nations are spending billions to combat he worst effects of climate change. In fact, climate change has turned into a business opportunity for some companies. The richer countries are making a merry out of the misery. Everything for them is finally how much money we get and how do they enjoy that very day. They don’t think about the next future generations. They totally forget that ‘there is always a Monday after Sunday’.

What makes this all the harder to swallow, is that most of the poorer countries aren’t responsible for the climate change but the rich countries are. But they are facing the worst effects of the Climate Change and becoming poorer day by day. Few other poor countries for their survival are taking extreme steps harming the environment just for their livelihood. What else they can do? For a man dying with hunger, a slice of bread matters to him…. it’s not how that slice of bread had come from. So, these nations are not complying the standards and burning fossil fuels, extracting more oil and gas, polluting water bodies and chocking the atmosphere with industrial emissions. That’s their only way for survival. BUT Ecology and Environment has no borders. What happens in some part of the world will affect all the parts of the world some day and some way.

Here comes my dream Superhero. He sees to standardize International Laws and Regulations to ensure equality between the nations. He will see that a certain amount of financial stability and status is ensured for all the countries, then only the debate of Climate Change can be brought to the table with all the stakeholders. He will call for all the Global Leaders to sit on the same stage and ward off their political agenda and make them have a conscious choice which will be helpful for them and their future generations. The only gift which we can give to the present and future generations is a cleaner environment, a fresh air to breathe, a fresh water to drink, an uncontaminated food to eat. If we shadow these and give a huge bank balance, it won’t be of any help. But unfortunately, today’s generation is going too fast supersonic where they can’t clearly see what is happening around. My superhero departs them from the supersonic machine and puts them in a low-speed track where people can see the surroundings bit clearly. He will often put them in a bus and even in a bicycle and even make them walk or stand still, so that they can see the surroundings more clearly.

The present scenario is we are managing the present by selling the past (saying that all will be good like earlier) and burying the future (knowing that future will be dark) and tagging this entire thing as progress. My Superhero will make the richer nations very clear that ‘if you want to be a rainbow, first you should understand how to stand with rain’. If you don’t, you are just a hypocrite.

Hello and Welcome! My name is Karthikeya and I’m 12 years old.


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