Arohi Thali, Class 3, Manovikas School, Goa

Once upon a time there was an evil green monster and he was the “Grinch”. He hated Christmas and his one and only wish was to destroy Christmas that’s why everybody was scared of him.

Well, because of that Santa put him on the naughty list but, the grinch never gave up!

So, just like that today is Christmas! Everybody was so happy but, they did forget something, they forgot the Grinch! But the Grinch did not forget Christmas and destroying presents and stealing! So in a disguise he bought Santa clothes that were in the shop, he dressed up and was prepared but what he did not remember is that Santa had his eye on him.

He broke into houses and that time he said ” Ha! people say that I have a big heart ” No way! Today I will prove it. As he broke into houses he also replaced the presents with: onion, garlic and coal! And he broke into 1,000 houses! It was his last house. After he broke into the last house he slowly snuck out and look who appeared before him “Santa Claus”.

Santa Claus looked very angry. The grinch looked scared because he remembered that last time Santa had told him that “if you ever try to destroy Christmas one more time I will directly send you to south pole cage”. So Santa said ” grinch! “You have been a very naughty boy! I have no choice but to send you to south pole cage”. The grinch finally realized what he had done and he was sorry but he was sent to south pole cage by Santa and henceforth the Grinch was never to be heard or seen again.

Every Christmas was full of joy and presents, decorations and happiness. Merry Christmas!


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