Artificial Intelligence

Sudhanva Jaisimha Bharadwaj, Class 8, Delhi Public School, Bangalore South

Behold, the marvels of our time,
Where machines can learn and mime,
The human thought, the human brain,
And mimic actions we ordain.

Artificial intelligence, we call it,
A creation that’s hard to forfeit,
For it brings us closer to our goals,
And fills our minds with countless roles.

In circuits and code, it finds its place,
And in its essence, we see its grace,
For it can solve problems we can’t,
And do things we thought were scant.

From self-driving cars to virtual assistants,
AI’s uses have no end or distance,
It can analyze data and make predictions,
And aid in medical diagnoses with precision.

But in the midst of all its splendor,
We must remember to surrender,
To the power of human thought,
And not let machines be our default.

For though they can think and reason,
And compute with speed and season,
They lack the empathy and emotion,
That comes with the human notion.

So let us embrace AI with care,
And let it complement, not impair,
The gifts we’ve been given as human beings,
For they are the heart of all our doings.


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