From Destruction Comes Rebirth

Sudhanva Jaisimha Bharadwaj, Class 8, Delhi Public School, Bangalore South

Amidst the rubble, there lies a seed
That will soon sprout and start to feed
On the remnants of what once was
A new beginning, a fresh cause

The fire that burned, the storm that raged
Left behind a canvas, a page
On which a new story can be told
A new journey that will unfold

For destruction is not just an end
It is a chance to make amends
To learn from mistakes that were made
And start anew, with a clean slate

The Phoenix rises from the ashes
In a fiery display that flashes
Hope and resilience, strength and might
A symbol of rebirth, a sight

So let us not fear destruction’s touch
For it can lead to something much
Greater than what was there before
A chance to learn, to grow, to soar!


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