Ashamed of Thinking?

Udeeta Borpujari, Class 9, Army Public School, Jorhat, Assam

I have seen many people who are ashamed of thinking before acting. Many of my classmates make an instant decision or choice just because they have the fear of being called indecisive by their peers. They just make a decision instantly without even taking the sufficient time just because they don’t want to be called a fool or get mocked by others. Is it right to make a decision without even thinking just to show others how fast we can make our decisions?

Of course not! We have to understand that decisions are a very integral part of our life. They can change the course of our life both for the good or the bad depending on what we choose. However, in this generation where people are more prone towards instant things like instant noodles, instant messaging etc, people now are more inclined to make instant decisions only.

People nowadays are ashamed of taking sufficient time for thinking and contemplation before making a decision and they prefer to make the decision first and then think about it. This is a very bad habit that people tend to develop over a period of time after practicing the same for a couple of times.

Making a decision without thinking and later contemplating and regretting it is really harmful for one’s mental and emotional health. This can even lead to low self confidence and self doubt. When we are thinking about the decision after we had already made it and we cannot do anything to alter that decision of ours then, it takes the best of us and we become so occupied by those thoughts that we cannot even live fully in the present. We keep on brooding over the past and fearing the results that will come to us in the future.

So, we must think before making a decision instead of thinking after making a decision. Decisions are very important in our life as they have a big hand in shaping our life.

Therefore, they ought to be taken very cautiously and only after enough reflection and contemplation and not under any pressures by the peers or family members because that would only be mere foolishness.


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