O My Dear Best Friend!

Udeeta Borpujari, Class 9, Army Public School Jorhat, Assam

My dear best friend,
Never leave me alone,
You are the best person I have ever known.
Hold my hand forever,
Then we can walk through the hard times together!
Please tolerate my mood swing,
I am sorry cause I know that that’s not an easy thing!
I know that sometimes I become too foolish,
But it’s only in front of you that I can be a bit childish!
Lend me your shoulder to cry on,
In the dark nights, help me see the dawn!
I need you to celebrate my success with,
Because in a pure friendship like this,
Jealousy is a myth!
Though I might get into some fight,
But I swear I don’t like when you are out of my sight!
I wish I could keep you always with me,
Because I don’t think I will figure things out without thee!
I know you can’t always be present physically,
But I want you to be with me subtly.
Though I might not tell you,
But, I really love you!


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