March 26, 2023

Baby Oil Painting

Turn any simple crayon artwork into a masterpiece using a cheeky little trick!


  • A4-size thick drawing sheet
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser
  • Oil pastels 
  • Baby oil
  • Round brush (number 4 or 6)
  • Black marker
  • Bowl for the baby oil
  • Small piece of cloth to wipe the brush


  • Place the A4 sheet of paper vertically and create an outline of a dolphin as shown in the picture.
  • Make a wavy line for the water, leaving 5 finger spaces from the bottom of the page. Create 2 more lines, dividing the space of the water into 3 parts.
  • Create 4 circles around the dolphin.
  • Using your oil pastels, start with lemon yellow colour in the innermost circle, then yellow and orange mixed in the second circle, then orange in the third circle and vermillion red in the outermost circle, which is the fourth circle.
  • Make the topmost part of the water light blue and the other 2 parts medium and dark blue, respectively.
  • Once the colouring is done, you can start using the baby oil with a number 4 or 6 brush. Take a few drops of baby oil in the bowl and after dipping the brush lightly in the baby oil, stroke the brush on the paper like you are painting. The white spaces should go and the colours should merge inside each other.
  • In the end, use a black marker to draw the outline of the dolphin and fill the inside with the black marker too.

Dishita Vora is the founder of Innovative Concepts, an art enrichment programme for all ages. It is a place where all forms of art are celebrated. Innovative Concepts conducts art programmes, birthday parties, camps, workshops, play dates and corporate programmes. Follow them on 

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