Blessed by the Blessed

India celebrates Parents’ Day on July 24. With their unconditional love and support, parents make every effort to bring out the best in their children. SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to a few RobinAgers who shared their unforgettable memories with their parents.

July 16, 2022

Pushti Mehta
Class 7, St Joseph’s School, Mumbai

Last year, I told my parents I wanted a smartwatch. They agreed to buy me one, provided I performed well in the final examination. This motivated me to work extremely hard. I did my best and was excited about the results. On the day the results were declared, I found out that I hadn’t scored as I had expected. I was so upset with my own performance that I forgot all about the watch! I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day, when I came out of my room for breakfast, I saw a gift-wrapped box lying on the dining table. My parents told me to unwrap the box and when I did, I was filled with happiness. It was a brand-new smartwatch! At that time, I felt like I didn’t deserve the gift and was hesitant to keep it. That’s when my mom looked at me with a smile on her face and said, “You never lose; you either win or learn.” I was so happy. I hugged both my parents and promised them to always be perseverant in life

Nethra Anand
Class 8, Seed Academy, Chennai

My parents have taught me to find joy in all the little things in life. My parents and I don’t just communicate with words, we communicate with our body language. We dance, sing and use special hand gestures to greet each other just for fun! My mom and I love watching Instagram dance reels of Tamil movie songs that are famous and trending. One day, on the spur of the moment, both of us began dancing to the song, ‘Come on baby, let’s go on the bullet!’ My little brother joined us and dad recorded the video. It was so much fun! We didn’t upload it on the Internet; we just kept it to remind us of the fun we had.

Sanchana Sathesh
Class 8, Greenwood High International School, Bengaluru

I have had many enjoyable moments with my parents. One of the most memorable moments was with my father. Both of us love nature. Our family was on a holiday in Tamil Nadu recently and we were staying in a resort. My father decided to go cycling one morning and I joined him. He rode the cycle and I sat behind him, clicking pictures. We enjoyed the scenic beauty as we toured the village. I captured some stunning pictures. Dad and I chatted, cracked jokes and laughed throughout the journey. I really cherish that experience. I also love going shopping with my mom. These unforgettable moments that I spend with my parents teach me that our parents are truly the best things that happened to us!

Bhoomi Shah
Class 8, Kapolvidyanidhi International School, Mumbai

I was exhausted by the time my examinations ended last year. As my parents were aware of how hard I had worked, they wanted me to take a break and planned a surprise family trip to Lavasa. I was very touched by this gesture. As it was an impromptu trip, we were unprepared. We found it difficult to locate our hotel and took a few wrong turns. But my father made sure the journey was merry with a sing-song session. We munched on the snacks prepared by mom. Once we reached the destination, we enjoyed our time there. I felt very relaxed and thanked them for planning the trip. I am very thankful to be blessed with such loving parents.

Namra Gala
Class 10, Thakur International School, Mumbai

As a kid, I loved playing small pranks on my family members, including my parents. My parents punished me a few times, but I still liked being mischievous. A few years back on my birthday, my parents came to my room along with my sister at midnight. I was excited as usual because I couldn’t wait to unwrap the gift I was given. I took their blessings, cut the delicious cake mom had prepared and clicked many pictures. Now, the most awaited moment arrived. I started unwrapping my gift eagerly. To my surprise, the gift box was empty. My parents had pranked me. They burst into laughter and teased me for some time. Then they gave me my actual gift. I learnt my lesson that day. Recalling this incident makes me laugh. This is one of the best memories I have with my parents.

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